Cooking Up New Cravings

The Freshest Food Straight from the Land and Sea

A Taste of Seafood Cooked to Perfection With a variety of broiled and fried options

If you’re hungry for seafood bursting with fantastic flavors and appealing aromas, visit Harbor Inn Seafood Restaurant in Roanoke, Virginia. We have a friendly staff dedicated to making your dining experience a memorable one. Our experienced cooks will prepare meals that will leave you feeling full and happy.

About Us

Since 2010, our family-owned business has been satisfying customers’ cravings for seafood with a wide range of options, prices, and portions. We have kept in touch with our distributors to maintain quality and consistency with our food.


Preparing Fresh and Flavorful Meals

While our specialty involves broiled and fried fish dishes, we also serve steaks that will please even the pickiest diner. Some of our famous dishes are crab legs, the flounder platter, and the seafood platter.

Our Mission

To serve you the best and freshest seafood.




Great food, prices are awesome, wonderful people, excellent service!


Always a delicious meal. Seafood is fresh and cooked to perfection. I definitely recommend Harbor Inn for delicious seafood.


Good staff. Good food and decent prices. A solid family restaurant."

Order Online

During days when you want a delicious dinner without cleaning up pots, pans, and tableware, order one of our meals online. We’ll have a sumptuous seafood feast ready for you and your family.

Connect With Us

If you’re eager to dig into tender and perfectly cooked seafood, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.